Computer Science Engineering


The department works on the personality development part of the students by encouraging them for academic activities such as seminars, projects, and paper presentations. The faculty members also mentor the students on how to organize things by giving them the authority to organize seminars and presentations under their guidance. CSE Dept. also conducts debugging and programming competitions and works on Technical Seminars in the Technical Club of the Institute.

All the Labs of the department are well equipped with many modern facilities/utilities. Moreover, the department has its own Local Area Network. This LAN currently supports Linux and Windows Server, all are inter-net-worked through switches and around 150 nodes are connected to the above servers. High-speed Internet connectivity provides extended access to vast intellectual resources. Students are provided training on Internet and Web Management and are assigned individual email-ids. We have many labs.

For B.Tech

  • 1. Data Structure Lab
  • 2. C & C++ Lab
  • 3. DBMS Lab
  • 4. Project Lab
  • 5. Hardware Lab
  • 6. Internet Lab
  • 7. C Programming Lab
  • 8. Operating Systems Lab
  • 9. Algorithms Design Lab
  • 10. Computer Hardware & Troubleshooting Lab
  • 11. Mobile Computing Lab
  • 12. Software Engineering Lab
  • 13. Linux Lab
  • 14. Web Technology Lab
  • 15. Neural Network Lab
  • 16. Java Programming Lab
  • 17. .Net Lab
  • 18. MATLAB
  • Problem definition
  • Algorithm Design
  • Program development either in C or C++ language
  • Execution of the program and demonstration to the faculty members
  • Maintain a suitable observation book for the same.